We have an engineering team dedicated to design and fabrication of equipment and components for recycling plants. The company has the technical resources for the execution of any project.

Turnkey plants (Recycling)

We design and build turnkey plans from the given customers’ specifications. If it is required we are able to give technical support for the whole design process, fabrication and implementation of recycling plants.

Industrial blades and spare parts

We fabricate all kinds of industrial blades and cutting elements involved in the recycling processes of plastics, metals, rubber, electrical and electronic equipment, wood and waste. Moreover we are able to develop and supply all kinds of rotors, screens and material classifiers.

Maintenance and Repair

We offer an integral service of preventive and corrective maintenance. We also have the entire necessary infrastructure to repair and develop all kind of grinding mills and their respective components.

R & D

We invest part of its resources in R & D to improve the quality of all the products and services offered to its customers. An important part of our efforts are focused on improving the efficiency of our customers’ production processes.